We are Otmar Strondl and Marion Strondl-Löffler, living in Dobersberg, "Am Szapary-Park". This is in northern part of the province of Lower Austria, in the so-called "Waldviertel".

We had been convinced for a long time, that as soon as we had our own house we would have a hunting/shooting dog. The "Parson Russel Terrier" was an easy pick. We wanted a dog suitable to go down fox and badger holes as well as a broader range of qualities while at the same time having an agreeable appearance. These are just a few of the arguments characterizing this lovable breed.

April 2013 finally marked the beginning - our bitch Lia ("Brenda SpiritofCattau") moved in. Very soon we understood that we would not stop there, as Lias character and natural abilities for hunting were compelling. Lias niece Enni ("Enja SpiritofCattau") followed in April 2016.

At this stage we are ready for the adventure of breeding to be able to hand down the formidable natural hunting qualities of our dogs which led to founding the breeding station "Parson Russell Terrier vom Szapary Park".

This name was a given; the the name of our street "Szápáry" originates from a hungarian noble family. Count Nicky Szápáry is an accomplished shot, shooting coach as well as shoot owner in Dobersberg. I have the opportunity to shoot as well as regularly work my dogs on this shoot.

Breed appropriate activity is a must for every Parson Russell Terrier. Hunting lies in the nature of this breed.

This is why we would prefer to pass on our litters primarily to hunters where hunting opportunities are frequent experiences.

Social interaction and consistent training are very important for this breed. Our dogs live with us, we disapprove of kenneling.